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Hello everyone this is what the world has been waiting for from Red Storm Blues.On April 20,2024 we have our first litter of Fluffy French Bulldogs.And these puppies have “The World Famous “YOLO” Bloodline in this Pedigree.Testable Chocolate,Lilac Blue Tri- Fawn these puppies carry every good shade(Color).All puppies will come with a full set of Vaccinations and Deworming.Also FREE Pet Insurance and FREE Pet Supplements.And all puppies will come with AKC Pedigree Paperwork(Breeding Rights Additional Fees).Deposits are only $500 Male #2 (Fluffy Carrier) is $4000 was $5000 and Male #1 (Fluffy) is $5000 was $7000 and Female #1 (Fluffy) is $6000 was $8000.You will receive a “Bill Of Sale/Contract” with every payment.For more information call 609-658-4863 and ask for Jason.

Fluffy French Bulldogs

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